A Maze Race

Free It is a game about a green ball to compete against the red ball
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A Maze Race is a game where you will control a green ball to compete against the red ball controlled by the computer to reach the flag in a maze. Your ball and the computer's ball will be of equal distance from the flag, you need to make good judgement about shortest path to the flag in order to win.A Maze Race is a very entertaining flash-based game brought by Novel Games. The game presents a knotty labyrinth, where you compete in real time against the computer. There are two balls - one is red, and the one that you control is green - at an equal distance from the target, that is, a purple flag. The goal is to make your way through the labyrinth to get to the flag before the red ball does, moving as fast you can. The ball is controlled with the keyboard arrows, so every move is precise and uncomplicated.

A quick scan of the maze before you start moving can be very helpful to determine the path you need to follow, but be prompt because the red ball never stops moving. The higher levels will present more complicated mazes, and besides, the red ball will move faster making the game very exciting.

The game is free to download, but it is supported by advertising so it will show an ad each time you finish the game. It’s only 336 KB, and uses very little system resources. It is a simple game both in concept and graphics, but still very addictive and fun.

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  • Quite fun and addictive
  • Free


  • There is no music, and sound effects are scarce


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